Friday, March 6, 2009

As Dictated by Allison Strickland

On the day that my mom got the phone call saying she has cancer here is what I remember:

I remember everyone was crying (Sheri note: by everyone I think she means me). I didn't know what was going on, because no one would tell me. My mom asked me if I was ok. I had her tell me what made everyone upset. She said she has cancer. When she told me, I was playing on my dad's computer. I was watching funny videos and I couldn't laugh at any of the videos. I started thinking about pink ribbons and my mom.

I heard my dad talking on the phone with the doctor. He told her that his mom had died of breast cancer. That was when it really scared me. I guess I didn't know that his mom had died of breast cancer. I never knew her. She died when I was very little.

From that day on me, my brother and dad started praying every night before going to bed and that really helped.

My mom is recovering from her surgery and that is really really good. It helps me feel better. I am scared about her starting chemo because I know the she will lose her hair and become very very weak.

Something good is that a lot of people have been reaching out to us and bringing us meals. I think that is really awesome. But like my dad said we need to find as many blessings in this as we can.


  1. You sound like a brave little girl, Alison. Keep your faith in God and loving your mom always.

    You are a cutey!

  2. Keep your spirit sweet Alison and know you, your family and your mom will come through this darling. You are exceptionally brave.

  3. It's ok to be scared..just keep on keeping the faith.. your family has found many blessings.. your mom is blessed to have you in her life.. stay strong, but remember to be a kid.. you'll know when your mom needs you.. my thoughts and more so my prayers are with you.. and yours.. your mom sounds like a pretty tough girl herself.. I think she'll be ok.. more so knowing that she has her family to fall back on.. hang in there Allison..