Monday, January 30, 2012


I see I didn't update again after my last post. I'm fine! I can't remember what they said the lump was, but it's not cancer.

I had another scare a couple of months ago. I developed a deep pain in what felt like the bone of my left hip. I was walking with a limp and quite sure that I had bone cancer. Tom told me to see my regular doctor, because I was overreacting by wanting to see my oncologist. Of course he lost that fight. So, you can well imagine the smugness on his face when I got a call from my oncologist to tell me I have arthritis and not cancer.

I don't update my blog anymore (or do housework, or cook, or bathe) because I spend an unbelievable amount of time reading on my e-reader. My family mocks my choices of books that I read, so, I'm not going to get into that for fear of even more mockery. If I'm not reading, I'm toting the kiddos around with my free taxi service. Basically I'm busy doing anything I can except housework.

I do deeply apologize for not updating this and letting everyone know that I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm happy. I need a maid.