Friday, June 19, 2009

I Heart Hair

Today was a big day: I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and left my house. Every other day this week has been spent either in bed or soaking my insanely achy muscles in a hot bath. I've also whined and complained. A lot. But today I had to go to the wig store and I had to get my heart checked. Get the title now?

I went to the wig store to get a wig cap to wear under my wigs. I don't like wearing the wigs and am hoping that the wig cap will make them a bit more comfortable. Ok, I also bought a new wig today, too. Tom says I am an out of control impulse shopper. Just because I've got two wigs that I can't stand wearing and have only worn one out in public once, I can't get a third one? Sure, I didn't plan to buy a new wig today. Yeah, wigs are expensive. But this wig is different than my other's long and the color is the color my hair used to be. When I tried this wig on I felt like myself. Long, very dark brown hair is who I am. I think another reason I don't like wearing those other two wigs is I don't look like me in them. I'm going to grow my hair out long again and it is going to take years. It will be nice to have a wig I can slip on on days that I miss my hair while I'm waiting for it to grow back out. (See how I've justified this so it is NOT looking like an out of control impulse buy?)

While I was at the wig store I met a woman who had just lost her hair because of chemo. We got to talking and she asked what kind of cancer I had and I told her my sad little sob story. And, of course, I asked about her cancer... Wow! You know how they say no matter how bad you've got it, there is always someone who is worse? I met that person today. This sweet woman has stage 4 cancer in 7 vital organs ranging from her lungs to her stomach to her liver. She has to have chemo for at least a year. So far she's only had one chemo treatment, but she's still feeling fine. She never stopped smiling. I will keep her in my prayers.

Then on to get my heart checked. Today I had an EKG and an Echo - I failed the EKG. My blood pressure was 90/70 and my heart rate was 111. After seeing these numbers, the nurse there asked if I'm tired all the time. Seriously. Hi, I'm Sheri...we've obviously not met - I do nothing but whine about being tired all the time. They said they were going to send my results to my oncologist and I sat there trying to think of a way to talk them out of doing that. Good heavens, don't tell my doctors something is wrong with me! They like to throw me in the hospital! Thankfully, not this time, though. Dr. Young isn't concerned with my sinus tachycardia (that's what I was told I have from the heart place peeps.) As long as my fever is gone, I should stay hospital free. My simple solution has been to stop taking my temperature. So far, so good...since I've stopped taking my temp, I've had no fever. Whew.

Can anyone else hear my mom saying: "Sheri Lynn, you take your temperature right now!" Aww, Mom! Do I have to?

**Pictures are of old wigs

Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Sighhhhhh.....

I woke up this morning feeling yucky. I'm finished with chemo! I'm not supposed to be getting sick anymore. When my temp hit 100.7, I decided I wasn't going to wait for the doctor to tell me what to do. I took Tylenol and THEN I called the doctor. Yep, I a rebel. My entire body aches; I have a headache, and a small dry cough. I'm not doctor, but I think it's malaria with just a touch of swine flu and a slash of mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Without even seeing me, Dr. Young disagreed with my self diagnosis. Whatever. She called me in a 'script for antibiotics.

I'm wickedly grouchy today. Malaria does that to you.