Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't Complain - No, Really!

I am just terrible at keeping this thing updated. I'd love to say that I haven't been updating it because I've just been too darn busy, but that ain't it. Things here have settled into a comfortable hum. As I was thinking about what to write, I realized at this time I have nothing to complain about.

My son is sick, but it's just a virus. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for him and wish I could make it better and all that, but he's been home three days this week! I'd gotten used to having a little alone time during the day, but last week there was no work for Tom and no school for the kids because of snow. This was the week I was supposed to get back on my normal schedule, but I can't because these people won't leave the house! I have things to do! Granted I won't do them, but I feel less guilty about not doing them when I'm alone.

Cancer update: Nothing new to report.

Hair update: Growing back and is to the point where I can almost put it in a ponytail. I think I read on some of my survivor sisters' blogs that the hair reaching ponytail stage is quite a milestone - indeed it is, my friends. Indeed it is. (See attached posted picture)

Chemo brain update: Much better!

Mood: Meh. I have ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs now.

And that's it. All is swell for the time being. Should things change, you'll be one of the firsts to know. Writing about your problems is very soothing. I highly recommend it.

Peace out, yo!