Friday, April 24, 2009


Short post.

Did get my chemo today, so I'm chocked-full of nausea fun.
Today is also my little man's birthday. My Jacob turns 8. How could this have happened? He wasn't supposed to grow up. We celebrated yesterday since I will probably end up throwing up all my internal organs tonight. No one wants to party with a gal who has no internal organs. It's true. Look it up.


  1. I love your post today ... I liked it so much I read it to my husband ... we had a good laugh.

    On a serious note ... chemo sucks!

  2. I've partied with people who have no spirit. I've partied with people who have no brains.
    I've even partied with people who have no heart. How important ARE the rest of the guts for the partying?

    Hope it passes quickly (the nausea, not the time while he's still 8 and thinks you're the bomb.)

  3. LOL, Happy Birthday to Jacob! Love his name, BTW!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Happy Belated Jacob!!! Hope you are feeling better today.

    My big girl, Carol, will be 40 Monday. Can't remember if you are older or younger than her, and still can't believe you two are as old as you are. Remember you two starting to school back when we all lived on Greenway!!!!

    Get to feeling better!!!! We love you!!!!

  5. Happy belated birthday to your little man. Sheri I think of you often and pray for you more.. I do hope that you start feeling better soon and hope more that you stay strong and beat this beast.. my thoughts and my prayers are always with you and yours.

  6. Happy birthday Jacob!!!!

    Your in my thoughts and prayers!!!! I hope you start feeling better faster then usual. HUGS!!!



  7. oh - i don't know...i would consider partying with you even if you have no internal organs left....

  8. I posted an award for you. It's a lame thing, in light of all what's going on, but when you're running on all 2.7 cylinders you're so dang funny you deserve a meaningless award as much as anyone else.
    I selfishly look forward to your being up and around again.
    I earnestly pray for you.
    I genuinely like you.

  9. Just thinking about you. Hope this last chemo was a little easier on you.