Thursday, February 19, 2009

Read at Your Own Risk

I couldn't sleep. Again. I'm so tired of the pain on my right side, I don't know what to do. My left side drain seems to be draining properly and isn't really giving me much issue. I know the right side drain is clogged. Want to know how I know? Not much is draining into the drainy thing-a-do AND I'm swollen like about 200 times more than the other side. I took a picture to prove I'm not exaggerating. Notice the HUGE difference in sides? (I edited out the surgery scars)
I had a planned doctor's visit today. Mom and I scampered out the door only stopping to buy me a hazelnut ice coffee from McDonald's. Tasty! Even with my wonderful coffee drink, I'm still in a just horrible mood. It wasn't just lack of sleep that got my mood bad, but another heart stopping lump that I found. Yes, before going to sleep I was messing with the drain on my right side and thought I felt something hard just under the skin. It felt about the size of a pea. I messed with it for about half an hour hoping it would disappear somehow. When the silly thing never went away, I had to wake up Tom. Conversation went a little something like this:
Tom: What's the matter?
Crazy Cancer Girl: I found a lump
Tom: WHAT?
CCG: Feel this (grabbing his hand and pulling it toward the area of said lump)
Tom: (pulling hand back not wanting to feel) I don't want to feel. There is nothing I can do tonight.
CCG: Just feel it!
Tom: Why? How is that going to make you feel better?
Tom: (sigh) Ok, where is it?
CCG: (placing Tom's hand on the lump) Here. Do you feel it?
Tom: Yes, there is definitely something there, but don't wig out. It could be anything. Make sure you ask the doctor about it. Please get some sleep now.
CCG: (Totally wigging out and getting hysterical on the inside) Ok, good night. And thanks.
CCG: (Lying in bed worried and wide awake all night.)
Tom: (Lying in bed worried and unable to get back to sleep because of worry.)
Anyway! We get to the doctor and I tell her my right drain is clogged. She, of course, being the professional, messed around with it for 20 minutes before announcing to me that the drain was clogged. She's good, that gal. So here is what happens when your breast drain gets clogged up (read at your own risk):
1. tape is removed from part of stitched up breast area
2. area is wiped clean
3. local anaesthesia shot
4. giant needle - like you see on cartoons with a HUGE suction thing on the back (sorry about all the medical terms, hope all you non medical people are still able to follow this) is poked into swollen area
5. pull back the suction thing anddddddd....... nothing
6. turn needle in different direction and pull back ......... nothing
7. turn again and......... nothing
At this point I had to tell her that I thought perhaps what she was doing wasn't working - she obviously was unable to figure this out on her own. Eventually enough - she did agree.
8. repeat steps 1 - 4 but about two inches over from where she tried the first time.
9. pull back suction thing andddddddd...... viola!
Seriously, by the time she fill that giant needle thingy (I didn't look to see how much liquid it held, but my guess is a couple gallons), I felt so much less pain. Much less pressure under my arm.
I did ask her about the lump, but she wasn't even slightly concerned. She said there was no way that went unnoticed during surgery. She said it was probably just a fatty build up that happened after surgery. Promised me it was nothing. Whew. Those are words I can trust now.
I go back to the doctor on the 27th and HOPEFULLY I will get these horrible drains removed. I pray they get removed and I pray that until they finally do, I am able to live more comfortably with them.


  1. Sheri,
    all that you have been through.. you still had me laughing.. I wish you the best, and hope you can get relief soon.. try to get some rest
    you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. you don't have to edit anything out for our benefiet dear, we're here for you, all the way!
    drs, what asses they can be at times, lol.
    so glad to hear you have some relief!!! praise God. now, mayby you can get some much needed rest. i'm sure she's right about the tiny lump you felt, just keep an eye on it, if still there when you go back, tell her you want it checked out!

  3. I am so very glad you finally got some relief after it was drained and the Dr. gave you the news about the lump.. Thank the Lord it is nothing to worry about...

    Keeping you in my prayers...