Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Items

This is a picture of a breast cancer cell. Neat, huh? I just copied that off the net, so I don't know anything else about it except that it's a breast cancer cell. Probably not actual size.

I have had many people call and e-mail me to let me know they are having problems posting comments. I don't know why. I did a tiny amount of research and found where it says that this is an issue they have been working on since Dec 29. Sorry, y'all. It's a free blog site, so I guess I'm getting what I pay for.

I'm insanely sleepy today. I've not had the energy to get up and do anything. My pain level is starting to ease, but is still worse than I expected to be by this time.

My mom has been doing a fantastic job helping me out. She's driving me to doctor appointments and cooking and cleaning and laundry. Thanks, Mom!

And that's it. I will post to let y'all know what happened after my appointment tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. there's 3 ways to leave comments, check you settings, & change yours to a different selection. that should fix the problem...they've been having problems with the 'embedded' style since it was introduced. grrr so pick another one. ;)
    big soft hugs to you.
    prayers for all your family.

  2. sending happy healing thoughts your way!!

  3. I too have been having some problems posting comments. Only when using the Safari (Mac) browser though.
    If folks using a Mac are having problems posting, you might try the Mozilla Firefox browser.
    You can download it for free from their website:

    Positive vibes heading your way Sheri!