Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Sighhhhhh.....

I woke up this morning feeling yucky. I'm finished with chemo! I'm not supposed to be getting sick anymore. When my temp hit 100.7, I decided I wasn't going to wait for the doctor to tell me what to do. I took Tylenol and THEN I called the doctor. Yep, I a rebel. My entire body aches; I have a headache, and a small dry cough. I'm not doctor, but I think it's malaria with just a touch of swine flu and a slash of mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Without even seeing me, Dr. Young disagreed with my self diagnosis. Whatever. She called me in a 'script for antibiotics.

I'm wickedly grouchy today. Malaria does that to you.


  1. You are so funny...sorry you are wickedly grouchy today!

  2. Dr.Strickland...I concure with your diagnosis. What does that other dr know anyways?? Have you secretly been traveling to other countries? If so you most definitley have swine flu and malaria...I hear yellow fever is going around too.

    Take care!
    Valerie s.

  3. You make me laugh even when you're sick. At least they didn't make you go in the hospital again. Probably didn't want you giving everybody malaria. Get well quick!

  4. I'm so sorry you're feeling puny again.
    Yes, we want it to be done!
    And we want to see which Sheri comes out of this - the snarky, smart and loving one, or the grouchy bear who gets gruesome maladies every odd-numbered Monday that falls in the middle of an even numbered month.
    (I think they're both funny as heck and I ain't skeered o' neither.)

  5. You are SO funny Sheri. Keep up the humor - it helps everyone!

    Hugs, a box of tissues and Robitussion are just the ticket!!

    Hope you feel better soon...


  6. Hmmm, sounds like you could have Polio to me. A little Vicks on the heels at bedtime should take care of that.
    I hope that the Malswinemycoploniae clears up.
    (Thats-Malaria+swine flu+mycoplasma pneumoniae)
    If only having a good sense of humor kept a person healthy, you'd never be sick a day in your life!!!! (in that case I'd have to a lot of coworkers funerals)
    Hope that you feel better soon! Mallory

  7. That was so funny I had to go read it to my husband who was in the bathtub.

    We laughed so hard, I got a bloody nose.

  8. Thanks for the laugh, hope your aches go away!

  9. Oh my goodness I'm laughing till I'm crying.But are they really tears?? I know!! My eyes are watering because I probably have some weird infection of the tear duct..
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Love LOVE this post!!!