Monday, March 16, 2009

F.A.Q. of My Chemo

It is officially the middle of the night. I wasn't going to blog, but I'm up and sick. Remember as you read this that I am so very tired, very sick, and sick and sick and sick and sick...

Dear Sheri,

Why are you receiving chemotherapy when you've had your breasts whacked off? Didn't they get all the cancer when they removed your breasts?

That's a very good question! They believe they did, yes. The chemo is given as an insurance policy. Cancer can sometimes escape from it's captive area through your blood and the doctors don't know about it. Yes, it's true, doctors do not know everything.

I see. So what does chemo do exactly?

Well, chemotherapy medicine targets all fast splitting cells in your body. Cancer cells love to divide rapidly! This is fun for them. Which still shocks me that they would end up in my body. Anyone who knows me knows there is nothing quick about me or my body. My motto has always been to embrace your inner lazy. But whatever! Too late for me to hate the cancer anymore than I already do.

Why does chemo make your hair fall out?

Hair grows by rapidly splitting cells. Chemo med doesn't know the difference between good cells and bad, so it goes and gets em all.

How often do you receive your treatments?

I will get a total of 6 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart. They need time between each treatment for your body to heal and feel better before pumping it it back full of poison. So, basically, by the time I get to feeling better from this last treatment, I'll be ready for my next one. FUN!

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  1. My favorite question was, "why does chemo put you in to menopause?" My answer, "because losing your breasts, your hair and your ability to function aren't enough to beat the cancer. You have to add night sweats, crying or shouting at the drop of the hat and weight gain to the formula and then you've got a winner!"

    Hang in there, Sheri.