Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderful Gifts

First things first...


Now - I want to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful presents that have been sent to me. Flowers, plants, scarves, hats, cards, chocolates, muffins, fruit and a wonderfully tasty cookie bouquet that I did not share. This is not the official thank you to everyone that gave me gifts - I just wanted y'all to know I am receiving AND appreciating them. I've fallen behind on replying back to e-mails and returning phone calls.

Tom was right...I don't deserve all of this.

Thanks to all of y'all I've been able to find so many blessings from breast cancer. I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone, but I hope everyone is able at sometime in their life to feel the love and caring that has been poured my way. The constant prayers, encouragement, advice and comments on my blog from people I've never met overwhelms me. My family would drop anything and everything to help me. Old friends and new friends are bringing me food and prayer. I love you all! But you're not getting any of my cookies.


Pain today has been almost unbearable. Yesterday I was miserable, but able to get up and walk around - today I've been in my bed or recliner with very little movement in between. Tomorrow will be better, right?


  1. Friend, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are in my prayers. I hope you are able to find some relief...


  2. Oh my heart goes out to you, I pray you will feel better soon! God bless, and by the way you do deserve it and more!

  3. Just stopping by to let you know that I am thinking of you.. hoping you can find some comfort soon.. too funny about not sharing your cookies... take care and get well soon...
    hugs to you and yours

  4. Hi Sheri, I'm a first time visitor. My prayers are with you; I had a lumpectomy and will undergo radiation soon, thank you for sharing everything you are going through. I hope that you feel better soon. take care, Maire

  5. Have they allowed you ice packs or a heating pad? That worked wonders for me--I felt like I was actually doing something to control my pain. I do hope the swelling has gone down. Ice really helps with that.

    Take those pain pills! Or ask for something stronger if you need it. You've got to heal and if you are in so much pain, that impedes the healing. Please ask your Doc's for what you need.

    Thinking of you,

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you.

  7. Promise I won't take any of your

    I really hope you are able to get some relief soon...and are able to rest comfortably and are able to get up and about when you need to

    Keeping you in my prayers