Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seven Days

An actual phone call:

Sheri: Hello?
J: Hey! You didn't update your blog yesterday.
S: I've nothing new to report about the cancer until after my surgery on the 12th. I thought I made that clear on my last post.
J: So?
S: (sigh) The point of this blog is to update about my breast cancer.
J: So?
S: I'm done with doctor appointments and tests. There is nothing more for me to put in the blog until I have my surgery.
J: But I like your blog and you are so beautiful and I've discovered that if I do not read your blog everyday that I cannot make it through the day. Yesterday I spent 12 hours in the fetal position while waiting for your new post. Please don't make me go through another day like that again.
S: Others feel this way?
J: Everyone in the world.
S: I had no idea.
J: There is no way you would have known, because you are completely free of ego.
S: I will admit that is one of my better qualities - and I have many. Hey? You want me to list all my great qualities?

Obviously, the call went on for many hours after that and I don't have to time to type all that out.

SERIOUSLY now - the purpose of this post is to say thank you to everyone for their kind words about my blog. You've no idea how good it makes me feel to know that a) people are actually reading what I'm typing and b) that people are enjoying it. As anyone can imagine, going through this is a roller coaster of emotions. The wonderful feed backs, kind words and especially all the prayers have made this almost bearable at times. If no one minds, I think I'll continue posting for the next 7 days, even if there are no more breast cancer updates.


  1. After all, it is about you.

  2. Just keep your faith strong and hope always follows.

  3. Totally keep posting!
    You're an amazing and humorous writer. We love it!
    More positive vibes and prayers flowing your way today!
    ~ Paul

  4. Hey Sheri,

    What movies have you been watching via Netflix?

    It's raining here in CA, so I got a wild hair to pull out some Christmas movies. Kinda fun in warm weather!

    Hope you're feeling strong and well today.


  5. Sheri,

    Hi from another BC chick here in MD. I've been where you are, just last August, and while it seems like so much, time will go fast as you move through your treatments.

    I never googled my cancer except for one time and I never did again. I didn't want facts that I got anywhere than from my immediate physicians. I do want you to know one specific thing my oncologist told me. He said that those percentages are within the context of a particular study, not for the population at large.

    I had an elective left mastectomy with my necessary right one. Been there-done that - isn't that just so bizarre to be saying that about my boobs? But please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about the surgery, post op pain or coping, or anything ( Anytime.

    Prayers heading your way.

  6. Oops on that e-mail address. Chemo made me clueless. E-mail is