Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Pet peeves

These are mine in no particular order...

Please don't use the word literally incorrectly. "That was so scary I literally died." No, you did not.

If you are now behind me 110%, that means you have only been behind me 90% up until this point. The best anyone can do is 100%. It just is! I didn't make the rules.

When you drink please don't gulp. I have no idea why, but that swallow sound makes me literally want to rip your head off. Ok, maybe not literally, but I will give you a disapproving look.


Sorry, I'm just very cranky today. I can't get rid of my migraine that I've had for two days now. Yesterday my beautiful cousin Valerie (my aunt Judy's daughter; not to be confused with my other beautiful cousin Valerie who is the daughter of my aunt Audrey) and I went wig shopping. I now have two very lovely wigs that I would love to model for y'all, but am unable because of this stupid headache.

I literally want to rip my own head off.

By the way, wig shopping? SUPER FUN! Especially when done with a super cool chick like my cousin Princess V.


  1. Tell me about these wigs; are you taking this opportunity to explore the world as a winsome blonde, or perhaps a Rastafarian?

  2. I got a wig and I've worn it twice. Makes my head too hot. I highly recommend soft cotton hats of a somewhat stretchy material. Most wig shops sell them. I also picked up a cheapy fleece cap at Target which I wear all the time.

    I didn't shave my head. I had hair as long as yours. Before surgery, I had about a 8-10 inches cut off. I let the rest fall out after I started chemo. I decided I wanted to be contrary since everyone bugged me so much about shaving my head. Talk about liberating!

    Sheri, those pictures a couple posts down of a mastectomy--I had a double and I don't look like that at all. My incisions go straight across my breasts, the width of my breast only. I had 8 nodes out under my right arm so there's a 3 inch long incision there. I lost both nipples because it was too dangerous to save them due to the type of cancer that I had. My Doc tells me he'll make me some - for some reason I find this hilariously funny.

    I thought that losing my breasts would be horrifying. I was so upset the day of my surgery, I requested an Ativan to take the morning of my surgery to calm my nerves. But you know what? When I woke up I was fine. I felt I had taken that first big step towards beating BC's butt. Waking up after my surgery without my tatas was likestepping off a curb. Deep breath and go!

    You will be sore as the dickens after surgery and pushing yourself up to a sitting position will be painful. Ask for help. Take your pain meds like a religion. I set the alarm on my cell phone to ring every 3 1/2 hours so the pain never got ahead of me. It worked. I slept on a pile of pillows to keep myself at an incline and woke my husband up every time I needed to make a pit stop :)

    I'm gathering from your other posts and some comments that reconstruction isn't an option right now. I'll tell ya, these temporary implants are rather overrated. I've got two here and they don't look much like boobies. There just taking up space, so to speak.

    More advice. Use a heating pad to help with pain and ice packs as the Doc recommends (CVS has a cool ice pack that looks like a chef's hat).

    I won't pound you with cliches and tell you everything will be alright. You need to find that out for yourself. But I will tell you that I'm praying for your surgery to go well and for you to find some peace.

    Virtual hugs,